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From Delhi to Dholpur

From Delhi to Dholpur: is a dark romantic comedy. It is about a very wealthy and pampered girl from the City who falls in love with a very poor younger boy from the village of dholpur.

They meet in the City in a hospital where the boy is a nurse in training. She falls for him and because of that he gets fired and beaten up. Subsequently he disappears and the protagonist Sara vows to find him. When she does find him through great effort she moves to Dholpur village and begins to improve things for the women and children if the village. She builds bathrooms and she teaches English to the women and children and she being a feminist that she is tries to inculcate a sense of worth and independence in the sisters of the man she supposedly loves.

At first people admire her for her interest in the family and her knack for making life better for the villagers however, the misogynistic men in the village begin to despise her for her liberal teachings and her the man she loves also begins to question her motives. The narrative in the book is from both the protagonist Sara and the boy dharmendar and also from an old clock hanging in the main roundabout in the village. The clock seems to tell his version of the story of how this girl Sara is trying to do good but will most definitely be opposed. The clock also knows that Sara and her relationship with the boy will never work out as the difference between them is so vast that no amount if bridging can fill the gap. When the boys family begins to demand money from Sara and cheats her in business she disheartendly goes back to Delhi to her parents but before she goes she has a conversation with the clock who tells her that she did her best but still some things will only change with will and education.